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  Learning but Really Teaching
Jesus in the temple unfolds the true meaning of Bible prophecies."Now I tell you before it come, that, when it is come to pass, ye may believe that I am He." John 13:19.

Another night was about to close upon Joseph and Mary without finding Jesus, when their efforts were rewarded by finding their Son, in an apartment of the temple used as a school of the prophets. They saw their lost Son among the rabbis. He was listening to their conversation, and asking them questions.

Jesus has raised questions in reference to the prophecies relating to the Coming One, the long-expected Messiah, as to the manner of His coming, and the nature of His kingdom. Jesus was seated reverentially and humbly at the feet of those grave, stern, wise men , asking them questions, as though receiving information in regard to the coming Messiah , while at the same time He was imparting to those doctors knowledge of the events which were transpiring, which had been clearly foretold by prophecy should take place when Christ should make His advent to this world. He knew that the minds of these men of learning were perverted by tradition, and that pride had darkened their understanding, that they could not discern the signs of the times, and that prophecies were meeting their fulfillment. He wished to awaken in them a more close and attentive search of prophecies, which would bring them to a more correct knowledge of His mission, and prepare them to receive Him when His ministry should commence.

The rabbis discerned in this Galilean youth mature judgment. His wisdom, penetration of thought, and close reasoning, astonished them. They knew that He had not been instructed in the schools of the prophets, and yet His intelligence, and understanding of prophecy were far ahead of their own, although they had devoted their lives to study. These learned men were not only astonished at the intelligence of this youthful Stranger, but they were charmed. Their hearts opened to Him in love. They decided that this thoughtful Galilean boy had no ordinary ability. They were desirous to gain Him as a scholar, that He might be qualified for a prominent position and for an exalted work as a teacher. Never had these men of learning listened to such clear arguments upon prophecy presented in the form of questions, which swept away their false theories in regard to the work and mission of Christ, and the true object of His coming.

No wonder the rabbis marveled at the understanding of this calm yet solemn looking youth, who was handling in so childlike and humble a manner weighty and elevating prophetic facts in reference to the mission of the Messiah, while He was apparently drinking knowledge from these wise and learned doctors of the law. No wonder their hearts were stirred as no lofty oratory or studied eloquence had ever moved them.